Selected publications

Scientific publications

Below you will find our publications in English. Please find our publications in Finnish here.

Brunila, Tuukka (2022): Depoliticization of politics and power: Mouffe and the conservative disposition in postfoundational political theory. Frontiers in Political Science.

Brunila, Tuukka (2023): The Future of Political Institutions – Foucault, Genealogical Critique, and the Normative Implications of His Analysis of the State. Acta Philosophica Fennica.

Daminova, Nasiya (2023): The European Court of Human Rights on the ‘Stockholm’s Roadmap Directives’: the quest for a coherent application of ‘due process’ rights in Europe? EU Law Live Weekend Edition No. 156. The EU Directives on Procedural Rights in Criminal Matters: Almost 15 years after the Roadmap, where do we stand, where do we go?

Erkkilä, Tero (2023): Global indicators and AI policy: metrics, policy scripts, and narratives. Review of Policy Research.

Erkkilä, Tero; Meng-Hsuan Chou & Kauppi Niilo (2023): Knowledge alchemy: models and agency in global knowledge governance. Transnational Administration and Global Policy Series. Bristol University Press.

Farzamfar, Mehrnoosh (2023): The Right to Asylum under Securitised EU Law: A Real or an Illusory Right? Retfærd – Nordic Journal of Law & Justice.

Ketola, Johanna (2023): Bouncing back better? Levels and phases of Nordic resilience. Annual Military Sciences and Art of War Conference Publication. National Defence University.

Ketola, Johanna (2023): Continuity over change, institutions over innovations, organised over organic: the scales and phases of Nordic resilience. Nordic Review of International Studies.

Ketola, Johanna (2023): Health multilateralism and the Covid-19 pandemic. In Jokela, Juha; Creutz, Katja; Saul, Alana; Helwig, Niklas; Sinkkonen, Ville; Kronlund, Anna; Kallio, Jyrki; Nizhnikau, Ryhor & Ketola, Johanna. Multilateral cooperation in an era of strategic competition: Options for influence for Finland and the European Union. Publications of the Government´s analysis, assessment and research activities.

Kmak, Magdalena, & Farzamfar, Mehrnoosh (2022): Personal and academic narratives of exiled and displaced scholars. In Kmak, Magdalena & Björklund Heta (eds.) Refugees and Knowledge Production: Europe’s Past and Present. Routledge, Taylor & Francis.

Meng-Hsuan, Chou; Erkkilä, Tero & Mölsä Juho (2023): Crafting Innovation Hubs: Future Cities and Global Challenges. The British Journal of Politics and International Relations.

Nordström, Laura & Laiho, Niilo (2022): Explaining IMF design of 2010 Greece loan: bricoleurs relying on fiscal space and nonlinear multiple equilibria processes. Comparative European Politics.

Nordström, Laura & Teivainen, Teivo (2022):  IMF expertise in the eurozone crisis: from stimulus talk to austerity policy. Global Political Economy.

Nordström, Laura & Teivainen, Teivo (2023): Inclusion of IMF in Eurozone Crisis Management: Legitimacy Through External Expertise and Internal Depoliticisation. Global Society.

Pankakoski, Timo (2023): Fragmentation. In Sellers, Mortimer & Kriste, Stephan (eds.) Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. Springer.

Papageorgiou, Achillefs & Immonen, Waltteri (2023): How supranational institutions benefit from crises: member states’ solidarity and the EU’s image during the COVID-19 pandemic. European Union Politics.

Rainio-Niemi, Johanna (2022): Social Cohesion through Policy Coordination: the State, Interests and Institutions in Austria and Finland after 1945. In Christopher Lloyd & Matti Hannikainen (eds.) Social Cohesion and Welfare States. Routledge.

Reynolds, Bradley & Ketola, Johanna (2022): Dialogue for OSCE Renewal – Shifting Security Back to the People. Transatlantic Policy Quarterly.

Salminen, Janne & Farzamfar, Mehrnoosh (2022): The Supervision of Legality by the Finnish Parliamentary Ombudsman during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Nordisk Administrativt Tidskrift.

Ulnicane, Inga & Erkkilä, Tero (2023): Politics and Policy of Artificial Intelligence. Review of Policy Research.

Vogt, Henri (2021): Covid-19 and freedom. Social Science Information.

Vogt, Henri (2023): Finnish Orientation(s) towards Europe and the West. Nordic Review of International Studies.

Vogt, Henri & Pukarinen, Aappo (2022): The European Union as a long-term political actor: an overview. Political Research Exchange.

Värttö, Mikko (2023): Parliamentary oversight of emergency measures and policies – A safeguard of democracy during a crisis? European Policy Analysis.



Daminova, Nasiya & Shisong, Jiang (2022): The First Working Draft of the WHO’s ‘Pandemic Treaty’: attempting to cover normative gaps indicated by the COVID-19 pandemic? EJIL Talk! Blog of the European Journal of International Law.


Academic dissertations

Brunila, Tuukka (2023):  The Autonomy of the Political and the Authority of the State : Carl Schmitt and the de-politicisation of the economy. Academic dissertation. University of Helsinki.

Farzamfar, Mehrnoosh (2021): The implications of the securitisation of immigration upon the right to seek asylum in the European Union : an interdisciplinary legal analysis. Academic dissertation. University of Helsinki.

Kostiainen, Aura (2023): Rationaalisuuden vallankumousOikeus, asiantuntijuus ja politiikka rikosoikeuskomitean (19721977) työskentelyprosessissaThe Revolution of Rationality. Law, Politics, and Expertise in the Finnish Criminal Law Committee (19721977). Suomalaisen lakimiesyhdistyksen julkaisuja –Publications of the Finnish Association of Lawyers.


Funding acknowledgement

Just Recovery from Covid-19? Fundamental Rights, Legitimate Governance and Lessons Learnt (JuRe) project is funded by the Strategic Research Council. Grant numbers 345951 (WP1), 345952 (WP2), 345953 (WP3), 346002 (WP4), 345950 (WP5).